Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Work Work Work

For some reason we have our timing off this year, and we've been finding ourselves drawn outside by various projects right as the summer is gathering real presence. We've tried to cope by following the movement of the shade, but it's still so hot! However it'll be superhot until mid-September, so it doesn't make sense to put off the work... so out we go!

We're currently working on our back patio area... it used to be a disjointed, disproportionate-to-the-house and hard-to-utilize space back there, but when we're finished it'll be just the opposite!

For now, though: pavers, pavers, pavers! (We're using these, which we caught on a crazy-good sale, if you're wondering)

And don't let the photos fool you- Daddy paused to take some photos, but he was working just as hard as the rest of us leveling the sand, hauling and cutting the bricks, and laying is fair share, too. It's been quite the family affair.

Like I'm sayin', it's going to be amazing when we're done, and that's what's keeping us going! Can't wait to do a 'Before and After' post on this one!

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