Tuesday, July 26, 2016


"Happiness does not come from doing easy work
but from the afterglow of satisfaction
that comes after the achievement of a difficult task
that demanded our best."
-Theodore Rubin

Having one of those life moments when you can see the past, the present, and the possibility of the future all in one hazy, sunlit whoosh. So much of what we've been hoping for and working towards is coming to fruition, and it's almost unreal to be standing with my bare feet on the pavers we've laid with our own hands, looking into the woods that we've cleared and seeing the fresh green sprouts of grass that we've seeded, while thinking about the possibilities that are still hanging thick in the trees and lying quietly in the soil. 

I think I'll just hang out riiiiiiiight here and ponder it all a little more and watch the sun set behind the woods... until the mosquitoes come after me... 

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