Saturday, May 28, 2016

Summer PJs

My kids are still wearing their Solstice pjs in all their flannel glory, despite the fact that the air conditioner is on now and it's humid and muggy and hot. They have other pjs, I promise, but whenever these in particular are clean, they always choose them.

I've tried laying out others with short sleeves or lighter fabrics, but they'll change into these favorites without fail. Then one night I asked Audrey why exactly they keep picking out these too-warm pjs and she said, "Because they're the ones you made."

Daaaaawwwwww. Well then. That had never occurred to me before.

So when we caught a break the other day, we pulled out the sewing machines and the lightweight cottons from the fabric stash and set to work on some new summer pjs!

The first pair of pants I made Hen were from a very old, very soft pillowcase, and the fabric just couldn't live up to one more job... they ripped clear across the fanny the first time he tried to wear them. The successful pair was from another pillowcase- a much thicker, newer one- and they ended up a little on the big side which is fine considering how fast he grows!

And of course Audrey got a nightgown.

My office is still littered with sewing notions (and I hate to think about the high chance that the carpet is also littered with pins now, too), both kids' sewing machines are somewhere in the piles, and there is still a few things on the list to make... so here's hoping we get another 'break'!

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