Tuesday, May 3, 2016


When Henry and I have an hour or so in the mornings- usually just before lunch- when one can't possibly spend an entire hour playing a Star Wars board game but there's not quite enough time to start a proper project, we usually find ourselves pulling out our sewing machines.

One of our favorite projects is to recycle something stained, torn, or outgrown into something fresh and new again.

We had an hour just like that here recently, so out came a pair of pants that had suddenly become too short and a skirt of mine that was never very flattering (but was made out of adorable vintage-inspired fabric that I couldn't make myself get rid of).

I turned the pants into shorts for Little Brother, and with his own little machine and in the spirit of recycling Henry turned the cutoff pant legs into pillows for his Snoopy.

I've always loved the satisfaction of 'saving' something from being wasted and seeing it repurposed and reused, but watching that same sense of satisfaction find my little guy... that was the best.

Though I still feel pretty satisfied with my own projects, too.

We love recycling!

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