Thursday, May 26, 2016

Resurrected Ghosts

This year, forever after known as The Year We Didn't Have A Garden, has been an amazing year for the plants around us so far. Things are just exploding into blossom and bloom. The place where our garden used to be is filled with 3-foot-tall grasses, spear-shaped cones of flowers, and much to our surprise, resurrected ghosts of what once was cultivated there...

So far we've found two squash-type plants (pumpkins maybe? that would figure... can't successfully grow them when I try, but leave them alone and there's two), multiple annual flowers, and several herbs including two stands of dill mixed in with the weeds!

Maybe it isn't fair for us to say we didn't have a garden this year... we just have a more wild, less traditional one... but it's there nonetheless!

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