Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Checking In

Right now things are going about 100 miles per hour around here. We're balancing the usual business at home with a bathroom renovation stalled mid-tile installation, end-of-the-year events for both school and dance class, and the irresistible pull to constantly monitor our new bees.

While all the goings-on around us seem to be pushing us to speed up and multitask, our bees call for a perfect balancing counterpoint- slow, calm deliberation. It has been a joy to have them for a distraction from all this May madness.

We got into our new hives for the first time yesterday just to check in on things. We found both queens alive and not squished during nuc installation (whew!), a slew of new little eggs, and bizarre new columns of wax rising from the center of the nuc frames up into the top feeders.

I have no idea if it's normal for them to be building comb like that, but it was cool to find!

And now we're back into the crazy swing of things, longingly glancing out toward our bee yard and waiting patiently for the next warm-ish sunny day so we can go check in on them again!

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