Thursday, December 3, 2015

Right Now

How is it Thursday already? This week has me feeling totally upside-down. I seriously sat down this morning to write a post about Tuesday goings-on.


SO right now, on this Thursday, I'm...

...eating kraut broca (made this time with good pasture-raised pork sausage) for breakfast alongside my coffee.

...feeling saturated by the smell of turkey stock slowly cooking down in the kitchen, where it's been since about 2pm yesterday (wanna can your own, too? great tutorial here).
...planning a day of holiday making, with the beginning of some projects that may take me the rest of the month to complete (maybe I shouldn't be such a procrastinator with the big stuff?). Also appreciating this list of suggestions in case my big project fails.

...prepping for the Bringing In Of The Tree. The kids and I went to scope out what the big-box home supply stores had right now in the way of bigger, taller trees, and we ended up bringing home a pretty tree in the 9-10' range (the hubs wanted the gigantic 14-footer in the back, with the 9' diameter, but standing in it's shadow I decided it just wasn't the one for us...). I barely got it off the top of my car and into a bucket of water and there it still sits, waiting for someone with more muscle and leverage to bring it into the house. Hopefully it'll happen this weekend.
...looking forward to my girl's "fine arts night" tonight where she'll sing a holiday song with her class and have some kind of art project on display. Thinking maybe we need a little something like one of these waiting for us when we get back home!
...also looking forward to the opening of the holiday outings season this weekend with the hubs' company Christmas party!

Around our neck of the woods the sun has finally joined us again, the to-do lists include fun stuff intermingled with the usual (today we're making cinnamon spiced cake balls!), and there's a weekend fast approaching that'll contain something other than house projects! Can't complain about that!

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