Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry and Bright

Yesterday, beginning with the sunrise on the Winter Solstice and ending with a fancy-pants dinner (wherein I got everyone to eat beef tongue and love it, heh heh), we had one of the most merry and bright days of the season so far. I can't remember a recent day where everyone got along so splendidly, helped so willingly, and enjoyed so thoroughly all the goings-on around them.

Even the kooky weather played along, and we had a beautiful First Day of Winter (even though a 72-degree day makes it a little ridiculous).

Even the matching Mama-made pjs and slippers were enthusiastically received... and who could ask for more than that (for we all know that won't last for many more seasons)?

Wishing all peace, joy, and light. Happy winter!

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