Monday, December 7, 2015

Halls Decked... Check.

We finally buckled down and decorated the place this weekend. The kids went out of town to stay with their grandparents and Mama and Daddy pulled a multi-hour marathon to get the tree inside, the boxes out of storage, the garlands unfurled, and the stockings hung. When the Littles came home at the end of their busy weekend away, everything was up and waiting on their little finishing touches. 

Aaaaaaaaaand of course, we saved all the tree ornaments for them!

We got an exceptionally tall tree this year (most years we've had one in the 6-7' range, and this year ours is close to 10' including the stand), and the kids were thrilled to be able to use the ladder to hang ornaments. I was worried we wouldn't have enough to fill up the extra square footage, but with a few pine cones and poinsettias for filler, we pulled it off.

The kids stayed motivated to help for the entire project, because when the tree is finished the train can come out!

I'm feeling pretty good about our holiday prep now... I haven't really felt in the spirit because quite frankly I've been in denial- like, it can't be the second week in December already. Impossible.  But now our tree is up and twinkling, and I've worked through my favorite Christmas playlist from beginning to end, so yeah, I guess this is really happening. It's just around the corner.

Now that my house looks the part, I'm finally ready to get in the swing of things. Sssssssssooooo... what's next? Cookie baking? Gift wrapping? Stocking stuffing?

Yup, let's do this.

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