Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Gratitude Challenge 2015

It's hard not to slip into some kind of daily gratitude meditation when November rolls around, isn't it? Or maybe that's just me? Well for a few years now, my fav guided meditation, so to speak, has been Positively Present's 30-Day Gratitude Challenge (see my past years' posts: 2014, 2013). 

I love how it makes me slow down every day, right as things start speeding up for the holidays, and look for the beauty in the little things. Some days those little things just jump right out at me, and other days a little nudge really helps.

I'm going to participate again this year, though I do it a little differently- instead of posting a photo every day for the month of November, I compile a months' worth of photos representing my daily observations of gratitude and come back to this space with one big post on the 30th. Care to join? Check out this year's prompts:

Feel inspired? Try keeping up! We're already a few days in, but it's not too late! Then check back here on the 30th to link what you've compiled and see what I've come up with! Or just have a glance throughout the month and pause to dwell in gratitude privately. The point is just to feel thankful and stay in the moment.

So, think you'll try it?

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