Monday, November 30, 2015

30 Days of Gratitude 2015

I'm such a rule-breaker (not really, but this time it's true). While everyone else participating in the 30-Day Gratitude Project was daily posting their photos on Instagram and whatnot, I was keeping them to myself, to share all at once at the end of the month.

So here we go- all 30 of my moments of gratitude this month.

1: Home.

2: Inspiration.

3: Love.

4: Color. I think a picture of the sky has been my 'color' shot almost every year for this challenge, but I can't help myself.

5: Happiness.

6: Words.

7: Keepsake.

8: Nature.

9: Laughter.

10: Music.

11: Gift.

12: Wisdom. This is the shelf in my personal library that I reference the most frequently.

13: Art.

14: Routine.

15: Clothing. So grateful they dress themselves now!

16: New. 

17: Weather.

18: Food. Chickens who provide us with so much, eating pumpkin seeds.

19: Beauty.

20: Friendship.

21: Technology.

22: Time. So grateful my girl is learning to tell time at school!

23: Scent.

24: Knowledge.

25: Comfort. My little thumb-sucker with is precious "Fresh Blanket."

26: Family

27: Luxury.

28: Work. I am so grateful for kids who willingly do chores!

29: Creativity. Aaaaarrrr-drey the Pirate in her box pirate ship.

30: Self-Love. It's cliche, but I rarely shop for myself, and it feels a little like love when I do get out... alone... for just me.

This month was chaotic at best, and just like in the regular day-to-day that isn't leading up to a holiday, I found it hard to stop and find something I was grateful for to focus on for every. single. prompt. Also there were some days when it seemed like nothing was photogenic enough to make the cut... so I skipped a day here and there and doubled up on other days.

However, I still enjoyed this "challenge," and found myself able to appreciate things that might not have gotten a second glance- like the chalk art in the driveway- or things that are so appreciated and used that they're taken for granted- like my coffee maker.

Also, it's always fun to look back at a month and have a photo for every day that flew by, and I think that's what I like best about this project. The saving of the days that speed by faster than usual when we enter into these holidays.

So long November, thanks for leaving me with a little somethin' to remember you by.

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