Monday, April 27, 2015

Right Now

Right now, I'm glancing out the front windows every time I pass by to catch a glimpse of our newly refinished front sidewalk. Holy cow y'all, I didn't think we'd finish that project, let alone get it done in one weekend. But here we are.

As is our style, we wholly focused on laying pavers all weekend and completely neglected the usual upkeep indoors. Alas, that means today I'm glancing in appreciation at the herringbone pattern running from the front door down to the driveway while carrying laundry, running the vacuum, wiping powdered lime footprints off the hardwoods, and gathering up scattered mugs and cups and such.

I came across this little sketch while putting some things away in Audrey's room. At first glance it looks like a creepy scene from a Mayan temple with a monster and some kind of ritual sacrifice. However, it dawned on me that it's actually Daddy using the brick saw on the back of Gramps' truck (with the tailgate down) and the rest of us carrying pavers marked to be cut (hence the 'X' on half of each of them).

What a gem. I hope she doesn't mind if I swipe it!

Happy Monday!

Now back to the grindstone...

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