Monday, April 20, 2015

Right Now

Right now there's a bit of a gray cloud hanging over our home- our Kitty Boy has apparently been exposed to something toxic or poisonous and is quite ill. He hasn't eaten since at least Wednesday last week, and though he seems to be growing more responsive when we check on him he doesn't seem to be returning to his normal behaviors.

I can't help but hover around him; it's too hard to just leave him alone and let him rest! I regret ever feeling annoyed at him for kneading my tummy and trying to curl up on my face. At this point nothing would make me happier.

So today our week kicks off with fresh, chilly air pouring in from open windows, chores and the usual waiting for attention, and all our focus on our black-and-white furry family member.

Send good juju his way, y'all.

Wishing all a happy Monday.

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