Wednesday, April 22, 2015

On Wednesday

Some sweet, simple things are bringing me happiness and joy on this Wednesday afternoon...

-warm orange light in piercing beams breaking through the clouds long enough for the dappling of a favorite reading spot... and a reappearance of 'Where's Waldo?'

-a small pod of fuzzy forest tent caterpillars (which could eventually become a nuisance, but are not very high in numbers in our area... yet) which made kids and chickens alike very happy.

-our latest batch of fuchsia 'kraut and an ah-ha moment to clean both crock and weights for storage: dry 'em out in the oven! Duh!

-our Fur Boy, out of hiding, eating (a little), purring, and coming around! Thanks to the universe and the good vibes I'm sure!

We are expecting an evening under some pretty dark clouds tonight, but this time they'll be physically in the atmosphere and not a production of anxiety and doom. Though the real kind may bring us a few hours of lightning and a chance for hail, the peace that has come from the upswing of our pet will get us through it.

All is well!

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