Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Walk Through the Garden, April 14th

Ah, what amazingness a good rainy day brings to a garden! My little leafy babies were looking a little tired and thirsty... every-other-day seemed to come with promises of rain, but when the clouds built up and spilled over they always seemed to miss us... until today!

Such a nice crop of Bermuda grass in the paths, right?

After waiting a month and then some I gave up on my eggplant seeds and bought
starts at our local nursery- we're trying ichibans this year!

So many beets!


Looks like I have some powdery mildew in my little zucchinis already. I think I may just
pull up the infected plant since it seems to be mostly contained to the one in the middle.

My grape vine, full of leaves!

How funny that it only takes a long winter to make me forget about the struggles of the last growing season... when I walk out in the garden all I see is potential. It won't be long before my photos include more troubles, like squash bugs (I've already killed a handful creeping here and there), aphids, and whatever else... but for now, wouldjya look at all that green? Love.

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