Monday, February 9, 2015

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving a weekend that saw...

...the last of the technical parts of the wood stove insert installation process, headed by the hubs and aided (a little) by yours truly.
...some creative containment strategies and a pleasantly minimal mess when said wood stove project was wrapped up (compared to other DIY's we've done recently anyway).
...some multitasking while fireplace-working: the assembly, seasoning, and breaking-in of our smoker with our free-range turkey from Hempstead (yes, it was delicious and moist, though a little tough as free-range birds often are).
...the refilling of our freezer with another quarter of grass-fed beef, delivered to the door by generous friends straight from the pastures where it was born and raised!
...a break from all the work at the end of the weekend, some beautiful late-winter light, and a meandering walk through the woods complete with animal track hunting and spotty carpets of moss.

Right now, I am beginning to concede that we probably won't have much of a proper winter this year, but the sunlight and mild breezes are a decent consolation. Truly, it has been a bit of a struggle not to work like it's early spring and start digging in to the garden beds (but we all know as soon as I go there, the weather will take a turn... probably right as tender sprouts start waking up)!  So today, as the temps stretch into the low 70's, I'll be fighting my Spring fever with doses of Clean-Up-And-Finish-The-Fireplace... and balancing that with just a little indulgence in Get-Out-In-It (because who could resist, really?).

May we all find balance as we kick off the week!

Happy Monday!

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