Thursday, February 5, 2015

Her 100th Day

Today is Audrey's 100th day of school.

I thought it a good milestone to brag a little... but also I find myself just thinking about this School Thang.

Audrey is doing really well in Kindergarten. We're all doing really well with her being in Kinder. Better than I would have believed this past summer in fact. Her teachers all love her, she has lots of little friends, and she doesn't report a single mean kid at the end of the day. Oh, and she's also reading at a 3rd grade level, excelling at Spanish, and has started doing special sessions with the gifted-and-talented-type teacher for science.

I really haven't even had many encounters with the bad habits I thought she might pick up from her peers. No cuss words, no brand-name bias, and no bullying... so far anyway.

We had a struggle with having a few accidents at school in the beginning, but everyone- teachers and Audrey- insisted it was because she was so wrapped up in activity that she was just waiting too long before fleeing to the facilities. As far as issues from school goes, I'll take it.

That initial decision of sending Audrey to public Kindergarten was a little bit of a struggle for us... so many around us seemed to be choosing homeschool, unschool, private schools, or Montessori schools. When I was a kid, I even had a taste of a few unconventional approaches to school. But after weighing the pros and cons of them all, we ultimately decided to send her to our run-of-the-mill elementary down the road. So far I truly have no regrets. Is the system flawed? Sure (what public system isn't?). But am I relying 100% on the system now that she's in it? Um, no. And because I am still active in filling in any gaps in her education that I think exist, I think a perfect (for us) balance has been achieved. At least, we've been happy with what we've seen from her after these first 100 days.

The most important thing to me at this point is that Audrey keep her desire to learn, her excitement for learning new things, and her fearlessness when it comes to asking questions and digging in.

So far, so good.

Happy 100th Day of School, Sister Girl. Keep goin' like you're goin'.


  1. That's wonderful that she's doing so well - and must be a huge relief! We've just had to make decisions for Kitty for school in September and we looked at a few different options but when we walked through the door of our village school we were blown away by how great it is - it has all the non-academic things I want for the children, a great focus on art and a fantastic outside playing field complete with forest school and little wood - fingers crossed it turns out to be the right decision!