Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A "Gift" for the Family

Yesterday, in the midst of all the sleet excitement, the coming and going, and the bundling and unbundling, the cat got out... and came right back in with a "gift" for the family.

It was a little towhee (and I'm sure he didn't suffer much, don't let the feathers worry you). After thanking Rory for the gift (ahem), we took it outside to find a peaceful place for it to "rest." The noteworthiness of this story, for this Mama anyway, is the tenderness and sweetness of the Littles as we searched for a place to tuck the little bird.

They held it gently, they stroked his smooth feathers, and they whispered to each other with a reverence that naturally fell over them, no prompting needed. I just stood back and watched, and my heart swelled with their wonder and tenderness.

They decided a little "cave" made by a few rocks leaning against each other, where the sleet had not accumulated and a bed of leaves still showed, was the place for the little bird. They carried him to the spot, gently tucked him in, said good-bye, and then ran off on their next adventure. I lingered for just a few more seconds, letting the juxtaposition of the bird and their innocence soak in, then I joined them.

It was just another moment mid-cycle: seasons, feelings, life. And I'm glad I looked up, and I noticed.

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