Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Winter 'Break'

We've had a winter 'break' around these parts, as in we've had a little break from Winter. Quite frankly, it's been sunny, mild, and irresistible out there.

We've been all over the place: the woods, the playhouse, the swings, the garden (obviously not here, online, in this space though, ahem)... we've even planted two new apple trees! It's like Spring popped in to remind us that below-normal temps won't- can't- last forever, and my did we need the reminder!

I feel mixed feelings of guilt and envy when I look at the weather others are having around the country... sub-zero, inches upon inches of snow and ice, you know... typical Winter (though in all fairness there's a decent part of me that is hoping we'll get to see some white in our landscape before the season leaves us). I don't know how we've lucked out this week, but Mama needed the outdoor time!

Hmmm, actually, I guess it wasn't just Mama who needed the break!

1 comment:

  1. Yay for sunshine and new Apple trees - it looks blissfull and somehow I'm sure they'll still be enough winter to go around!