Monday, January 12, 2015

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...watching and wondering if the hubs is going to wake up feeling better this morning, after a long and stuffy weekend battling a head cold.
...pretty much giving up on my kumquat tree. It's below freezing at least half of every 24-hour period, so it can't be outside or it will die, and it apparently has lost it's will to live when it's inside, so whatever. Maybe the small fruits will ripen before it lets go. *sigh*
...looking around at the living spaces where we all hung out, mostly wrapped in robes and surrounded by Littles, and seeing much of what we were doing left precisely where it fell when we moved on to something else.
...smiling at all the making that happened in a flurry once the little toy Singer came out and the fabric scrap basket was surrendered.
...planning for a visit from Aunt KK and Cousin Rachel, and wondering just what the kids have been practicing behind closed doors to celebrate their arrival (it apparently has a lot of plopping and jumping involved, judging by the house-rattling commotion their practice was causing).
...hoping I'll find a chance to work this amazing-looking comfort food into our menu this week.
...getting excited for some new books to arrive in the mail; I ordered The Art of Baking with Natural Yeasts by Caleb Warnock and Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, and I feel like I'm waiting for Christmas morning (again, I know!).
...loving the chance for more sunshine and back-to-normal temps this week!

If we can lift our heads out of this congesty bug that's got a grip on Daddy and keep it away before it gets anyone else, I'll consider the weekend a success and the oncoming week can bring it!

Wishing all health and clear sinuses... and on that note, have a happy Monday!

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