Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year, New Couches

Ah, that wonderful place at the end of a long, long process where projects are finished, time has been spent getting to know a space, and means are available; we find ourselves in that place now, seeking out special pieces here and there to flesh out our home... like new couches for the family room!

We shopped, we tested, we talked, we shopped some more, and we finally made our choice. We did our due diligence in the used furniture sector, patrolling and the like, but there just wasn't something out there that would work for us here. It was truly a hard room to furnish. But now, one of the most awkward spaces in our house is now starting to take shape and offer function!

I love our new couches so. They were pounced on by my 'helpers' the moment they were unwrapped, and I think their sentiments are the same. Love.

And so we dive into the winter months of being housebound with a feeling of excitement for our 'new' spaces, and all that can- and will- be done in them.

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