Wednesday, September 17, 2014

In Transition

When the 'usual' for the whole family is kinda up in the air because of the changes that come with the first kiddo starting- and adapting to- kindergarten, who on earth would also start organizing, purging, moving furniture, and swapping rooms?

Well, me.


I guess my house could kinda be a metaphor for this period of adjustment we're going through right now- it has grown to be a dysfunctional mess because spaces around us have not changed as they've needed to, and now they're turned over and tossed upside down and a little chaotic but in progress, and in the end will be just right. Functional. Efficient. Better.

Just like most change, though, it comes with a little sweat, tears, and heavy lifting. But we'll get there, and boy howdy will it be nice when it's done!

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