Wednesday, September 3, 2014

An Apple Season Teaser

I scored a huge bag of organic Granny Smith apples for two bucks the other day. They had blemishes on their skins, but were otherwise fine, and spots don't scare me anyhow. I let 'em sit on my counter for a bit while I planned what they would become. The funny thing about apples is there's never "too many," because there's about a thousand million things you can do with them. Granted, a produce bag isn't even close to "too many," but this apple season teaser felt like a bountiful harvest to me!

A while back my mom gave me an apple peeler/parer/corer (kinda like this one), and I knew even while standing in line at the grocery store to pay for the apples that I'd be trying it out.

So today, after picking Audrey up from school, we hauled out the apple peeler, washed up all the apples, and set to work (we're still seeking a decompression period in our new school day rhythm, and what seems to work best is a project of some kind, or so it seems at this point).

Side note: you'll notice we actually had to haul Audrey's little table down to the kitchen for this project- because the clamp on my antiquated peeler wouldn't open far enough to clamp onto the thick edges of our granite counter tops, we had to rack our brains for something thinner and stable and this was our solution! 

Now what are we going to do with all the peeled/cored/sliced apples and the mound of tubular cores and ribbons of skin? Well, the apples, after a quick splash of lemon juice, are currently dehydrating on my counter, destined for something I've always wanted to try ever since reading the Little House books: dried apple pie! I mean how could you not want a slice after Laura's intensely nostalgic description of her Ma's?

And the 'waste' of all that apple processing- the cores and peels- are going to become apple scrap jelly. I made a batch last year around this time with rosy Fuji apples and it was delish. This year we're going with what we have: tart green Granny Smiths. Hoping it'll be a hit!

Oh how I love apple season!

Nom nom nom.

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  1. Oh I remember reading about that pie and wanting to try it out! I love the idea of scrap apple jelly too, such a lovely way to make sure nothing goes to waste :)