Monday, September 15, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving a weekend that saw...

...grandparents coming together with tasty treats for Audrey's first Grandparents' Day Lunch at school.
...reuniting with an old, dear friend on Friday night at an art opening,  and my buttons popping with pride at my mom's debut.
...time on the back porch wrapped in blankets, watching the rain.
...a visit to the farmer's market, bags of peppers and sunflower sprouts for our fridge, and our first bahn mi from a food truck! entire day of working outside: bushes trimmed, chicken coop cleaned, woods hacked and wacked, spaces cleared and soaker hose installed around the foundation of our house.
...a firey sunset, the hoot owl making an appearance outside our bedroom windows, and the coyote pack, at least 8-10 strong, laughing and singing in the dusk.

This weekend was wonderful, mostly because of the fall-like weather that seemed to breathe some life back in to us all. Although the air conditioners are back on today, that breath still lingers with us.

Fall is coming!

Happy Monday!

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