Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thank You Sidewalk Chalk.

This was my view Friday afternoon, for what seemed like quite a while.

I listened to my kids talk to each other about colors and shapes. I watched their faces pass over me, close to mine. I watched their expressions of focused concentration, and I marveled at their patience.

Then I got up, and for the rest of the afternoon this was my view:

It's so interesting to me to see this collaborative work and their obviously contrasting developmental levels. Audrey was able to trace my outline with amazing accuracy and attention to detail, and ahead of her was Henry making wide loops around limbs and head with no discerning features (except my purple fingernails, which he added meticulously to each finger that Sister drew).

Also amazing to me was the peace and synergy of this project. Side-by-side for almost 30 minutes without a single unkind word or raised voice. Amazing.

The result? A chalk chain 'family' across the driveway to greet Daddy when he came home...

...crowned with this rockin' astronaut afro mama, and presented by a totally decompressed pair of sibs at the conclusion of yet another school week, already in the books.

Thank you sidewalk chalk.

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