Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Around Here

We're still surrounded by winter around here. 'Sleetocalypse 2013'- as it's been dubbed- did a number on our neighborhood, and we're still dealing with it. Aside from the slippery stint into town this past weekend to get our tree, the kids and I haven't been out of the house since last Wednesday.


It's not that I'm worried that I can't navigate what may remain on the streets in town, it's that I'm worried about others out on the streets in town who may not be able to navigate. Let's face it: Texans (in general) don't drive well in extreme weather conditions. However, I think today is the day for us to attempt it. Besides, we're getting low on milk, and Mama can't have her coffee if we run out of milk. The conditions at home might just get extreme.

Side note: I am realizing I wear the pants in the above photo a lot. Please know they do make it through the laundry, I do get dressed every day, and I do wear other things...

The quiet days at home since we were iced in have provided time for us to finally complete our holiday decorating, wrap a few presents, write up our holiday cards to friends and family (though they still sit on the counter, waiting to be carried to the mailbox), and do some elfie crafting. Aaahhhhhhh.

I do so love our time together here at home... and I also love an opportunity here and there to get out. So today, here's to being out in It, even though It still looks like winter around here.

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