Monday, December 2, 2013

Right Now: Before and After

Before (please excuse the light in almost all these photos, as they are pretty raw, wonkey, and glarey):



Well, that's one way to spend a weekend!

Right now, I'm sore, sleep-deprived, and sporting hair in a topknot that's still wet from my very late-night shower-then-fall-in-to-bed maneuver. My old nemesis, thinset/sheetrock dust, is visiting again and leaving evidence of it's presence throughout the entire house. There is a weekends' worth of dishes in the sink because the breakers have been off to all the outlets in the kitchen. There is a weeks' worth of laundry (plus towels, rags, and debris-covered work clothes) piled up around the washing machine. There are zero groceries to speak of in the house.

...aaaaaand there's a shiny new back splash in my kitchen. A fair trade, if you ask me. We still have to clean up the tile and then grout and seal it, but it's well on it's way, don't you think?

Shout-out to the in-laws, who busted their butts all weekend helping with this project. I just can't figure out why we're always so well-supplied with willing help when we take on projects that are dirty, labor-intensive, and require hours of standing (usually while being twisted into weird positions, with the risk of electrocution or worse), but wow am I glad for it!

Happy Monday!

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