Tuesday, December 31, 2013


A portrait of my kids every week for 52 weeks.

Dear Audrey and Henry,

Watching you grow over this past year, through both the photos shared in this space and the time I've spent with you, has been a beautiful privilege. So often the days seem to run together, and so easily they slip by, their uniqueness unnoticed for their ordinary camouflage. I know one day I'll lift my head from these days and realize they've changed all together, and the things we all so take for granted today will be things of the past.

The reason why I joined this project (albeit 2 weeks late) was to try just a little bit harder to record these early, fleeting moments of your childhood- for us all. In doing so, I was able to find a smile on days when there was overwhelming struggle, a laugh on days when there were too many tears, a connection when we were feeling pulled and tugged every-which-way, and a way to reach out and save a few extra moments in these Good Old Days.

My wish is that some day you both will look back and remember special things from these photos and find those smiles, laughs, and connections again, and remember how much you were loved then, now, and forever after.


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