Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Note: rattlesnakes, like most other venomous snakes, can still
inflict damaging if not fatal bites even after they are 'dead'
and should be handled with caution and care- if handled at all.
These kiddos were never near the head while investigating our
specimen, and after inspection this snake was laid to rest
in a safe, kid- and dog-void place... and all hands washed, of course!

I found my first real live in-person rattlesnake today, which is weird, because I've lived in Texas almost all my life and it feels like I should have encountered one before now.

But nope, first one today while I was cleaning up our brush pile at the back of the yard. I'm so incredibly glad I found it, and not my kids or my dog. Oh, poor rattlesnake... I hated to kill it. Such a mighty icon of our area, such a great rat-killer. If only it weren't venomous, or we had acres and acres and I could just relocate it far away from Home... but no. It had to go.

We did, however, show it some due respect. It is, after all, an amazing animal.

(I'm still feeling a little buzz of adrenaline typing this, even hours after my encounter... there's nothing like the sound of that rattle when you're not expecting it!)

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