Thursday, May 16, 2013

Last Year...

Last year at this time, our Bubba was crawling but not walking (yet), my beautiful new teapot was still intact and providing tea every morning en lieu of coffee, the kiddos were spending every morning hour outside before temps climbed well past 90 degrees, and there was only one active attention-seeker following visitors around the house.

This year, there are two forces to be reckoned with every day (for visitors and family alike), we have been enjoying consecutive days of average or below-average daily temps that allow us to be out and about all day long, and coffee has returned to its rightful place in our morning routine.

A truly simplified look at the changes that have come with a 12-month cycle, but an eye-opening look (yet again) at how fast time flies... and wow, how time flies.

I can only imagine what mid-Spring will look like in another year....................................

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