Sunday, May 26, 2013

Father's Day Link Love

When a Father gives to his Son, both laugh.
When a Son gives to his Father, both cry.
~William Shakespeare

The time is coming for us all to give back to the providers, the anchors, the advisers, the father figures in our lives. For me, Father's Day is a little more challenging than the preceding parental appreciation day. It shouldn't be, though, because honestly, there is probably a dad out there who would appreciate every Mother's Day gift idea I have, so really, why the mental block?


Well, I have exactly 22 days to get over myself and find something perfect that says, "Thanks for all you do."

Maybe some of these will help...

Father's Day Link Love

For the Sentimental Daddys:
  • Find a photo of you and him together from yonder year and blow it up, put it in sepia, and frame it with a treasured memory written beside it.
  • Have kids? Recreate a photo of you and your dad with you and your kids, then frame the old photo and the new photo together.
  • Grab a blank card and a pen, take a moment, meditate on what he means to you, and write it all down... then give him the card.
  • Have a new daddy in the family? Put together one of these adorable shadow boxes.
  • Make him a t-shirt with a drawing you did as a kid, or the grandkids did for him.
For the Foodie or Chef Dads:
  • Get him one (or a set!) of these beautiful hand-carved wooden spoons.
  • Pack up his favorite breakfast/lunch/dinner, picnic-style, and take him out to a favorite spot.
  • Get him one of these fruit storage thingies that are both functional and beautiful.
  • Make him some homemade limoncello! (ok, you do't have enough time to make him limoncello, but you should totally start now for a Christmas gift anyway, that stuff is amazing.)
  • Get him one of these beautiful handmade cutting boards (then get one for yourself).
  • I still love the idea of making a recipe book out of family recipes, too.
For the Pops with a Green Thumb:
  • Gather up some medium-sized smooth stones and markers, some paint stirrers or wide Popsicle sticks and chalkboard paint, or second-hand wooden spoons and paint of choice, and make him some custom row markers for his garden (you know, "Carrots," "Beans," etc.).
  • Get him a gift card to his local nursery.
  • Surprise him with a nifty composter, tucked neatly into a corner of the yard.
  • Is there already a compost pile or bin? How about a simple compost bucket for under the kitchen sink?
  • Make him a garden harvest basket bag (or three!).
  • Give him homemade coupons for weeding, watering, etc.
For the Father Who Has Everything:
  • Put together a Superhero Fort Kit, and give it to him on behalf of the grandkids.
  • Make him this hilarious t-shirt- it's a double gift, a shirt and a nap!
  • Order him an iPhone case with photos of the fam.
  • Make him a meal of all his favorite foods, even if it's a dinner of all meat, a breakfast of all carbs, or an entire 5-course blowout of desserts.
  • Wash, detail, and gas up his vehicle.
  • Take over his usual chores for the weekend (mow, trash, cook, clean, whatever).
  • Meet him at a coffee shop or his back porch with a six pack and just spend some time with him.
Whatever route you take for Father's Day, just let it come from the heart- that's all he'll ever want.

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