Monday, April 29, 2013

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...eating oatmeal cookies with my coffee.
...drooling over almost every post each time I visit my newest blog crush.
...planning on bringing out the sewing machine this week, and making a to-do list so I get to every project I need to while it's off the shelf (and my fabrics are spread out everywhere).
...watching the mail for some new books... oh, how I love getting new books in the mail!
...hoping I'll get the tutus through the laundry and back on their hangers before they're missed this morning.
...plotting a few fun projects and a spectacular dessert for May Day.
...feeling dizzy from the speed of April passing.
...lingering in thought spurred by this article, and wondering...
...feeling excited about our small garlic harvest this weekend- one ramp and 17 small(ish) heads! So not everything is struggling out there... hmmm!
...pausing indoors only long enough to write this post, then taking breakfast for the kiddos and heading back out into this beautiful spring weather!

Happy last Monday of April!

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