Monday, April 15, 2013

Right Now


Right now, I'm...

...listening to Robert DeLong.
...planning what will go in the garlic bed once they're done and curing in my laundry room (this site has me thinking about permaculture, and maybe setting up my beds for the future with this ideology in mind).
...nursing the first minor sunburn on a kiddo- ever, in this house- with some calamine lotion and extra-extra sunblock.
...balancing the regret of the sunburn with the joy of a weekend spent almost entirely outside.
...shaking my head at The Look development in my youngest. For his sake, I hope he learns to rein it in soon!
...pondering a recent study linking fatty milk consumption for toddlers with an overall lower childhood body weight, while watching my babies gulp their organic whole milk alongside their breakfast... interesting...
...marveling at the fantastic weather we've been having, and hoping for the chance to get out in it as much as possible this week.
...feeling a little overwhelmed by the volume of parsley coming out of my garden right now... literally... like, growing outside the borders, in the pathways, outside the garden fence, and throughout the yard.
...loving the accumulating hours logged with bare toes, bare arms, and wild hair as Spring really settles in all around us.

Happy Monday.

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