Monday, February 18, 2013

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...noticing more and more the increasing light that's chasing away the last of this mild winter.
...watching a beautiful fuchsia glow rise around the trees on the eastern horizon.
...listening to Henry talk quietly to himself in his bed... apparently, whatever he's saying right now is quite funny, because he's cracking himself up.
...shaking my head at all the cars, trucks, and school buses scattered around the house, left in most inconvenient pathways and thresholds, but representing such loving sibling play (I know what our soon-to-be-two-year-old's birthday party theme will beeeee!).
...feeling shocked that I just typed "soon-to-be-two-year-old." Holy cow.
...thinking spring fever is settling over the inhabitants of this house. There is definitely a little extra energy in the air, and even the furry family members feel it.
...wondering if the 20% chances of rain sprinkled throughout this week will turn in to anything.
...smiling at the results from a little someone's second haircut.
...loving a bowl of my mom's potato leek soup on a sunny, windy, still-a-bit-chilly day, and all the leftovers from the giant pot she made us.

Strangely, this month has seemed to take it's time on the calendar, yet each day has seemed to fly by. Now, here we are, starting the last full week of February. For us, that means that the last chance for feeling the chill of 'not-summer' is quickly drawing to a close, the time to start digging in the garden has begun, and a big boy birthday that's felt oh-so-far-away is almost here.

As the energy all around us starts to awaken and ramp up, let us find a good pace, keep time with the rhythm of our natural world, and soak it all in. Happy Monday.

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