Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Through the Lens of a Child

Audrey got a (kid-friendly) digital camera for her birthday from her Grammy and Gramps. The first day she had it, she took 206 pictures.

It was a most brilliant gift idea, as we have all seen her love of snapping photos.

Today, I bring you Audrey's World through the view of her camera lens* (actually, just a sampling... this may end up being a 'Part I Of Many' type of post, as she very regularly fills her memory card these days).

It's like having a glimpse into a completely different world, isn't it? Each time I upload her photos to my computer and scroll through them for the first time, I can't help but think that this must be how anthropologists feel when they find ancient murals depicting everyday life from a perspective they're so desperate to learn more about, yet find so tantalizingly out of reach. I can relate, and sometimes I think I may get just as excited when I get that little peek.

*None of these photos have been altered in any way

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