Sunday, October 14, 2012

Audrey's Handmades

Our spirited girl had her fourth birthday party this weekend. Fourth! I can't believe it. When I look at her, though she does look so big, she also looks so small... still.

This birthday party had much suspense in the days leading up to it. For the first time, she was quite aware of what it meant to have a birthday party, what the components of a birthday party consist of, and that hers was coming up.

This was also the first birthday party where she picked the theme.

In case you missed this post, she picked rainbows.

Just like with Henry's birthday, it was- and is always- important to us to have a balance of elements that are manufactured, so to speak, and things that are handmade.

This year, Audrey's Handmades came from a variety of inspiration:

The biggest rainbow tutu a girl could ever hope for, made by Mimmy

Audrey's cotton Height Scroll, inspired from this article

Hand-felted, customized wool family from this Etsy shop

Celebration flags

Doll house made by Pappy, furniture made by Gramps, and textiles made by Mama
Rainbow cupcakes with food color gel inspired here
At this age, she doesn't care about the latest or greatest must-have screaming "Buy Me!" to her peers. She doesn't care that a friend might have something in a brand that she doesn't. She doesn't care that some of her most cherished playthings are the most simple, conservative, basic, and handmade of the lot.

I love that... and I hope that at this age we can instill the value of those types of things deep into her being, so when her growing awareness begins to call her attention to what someone says she should want, she can filter out the noise and decide for herself.

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