Monday, August 27, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving...

...this guy's recent love affair with a certain blue plastic yard chair

...watching a spelling-obsessed girl find letters everywhere

...steamy humid evenings...

...and the light of those evenings on my babies

...38 pounds of Bartlett pears from the co-op this week, and all the plans being made for them

...cherry-oatmeal muffins on Grandma's patched blanket in the grass

..."chatting" with Henry on the porch in the mornings
This weekend, we were left speechless by the generosity, love, and wisdom of my parents and the beautiful gifts of their time, experience, and attention (not to mention a new radiator installed in my car and a shiny new crock pot for all that pear butter we're making!). What a blessing it is to have family so willing to drop everything and come to the rescue, for a weekend of boredom or when there's an actual emergency!

We start this last week in August (gasp, is it really?) with a fresh vow to always, always see the beauty and bounty in life, and to never, ever take it for granted. Happy Monday.

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