Monday, August 13, 2012

Right Now


Right now, I'm loving...

...a good sendoff to my twenties, and a great welcome to my third decade.
...the discovery of what chalk can do when it's wet, and the beautiful blue messes that followed.
...a fresh batch of kale chips, with a tweaked and improved recipe, now linked over at Three Squares.
...a brief cool-down that gifted us two mornings with temps in the mid-70s!
...the breakfasts, coffee, and extended playtime on the back porch because of said weather change.
...a little time spent in the garden, a little cleaning out and freshening up of dry and dusty beds, and a little dreaming about what to do in that space in another month or so.
...Audrey's budding and blooming little imagination (just last night: "Mama, it's snowing and it's cold, and my sister whose name is Gaudrey likes to drink hot chocolate and play with skates when it's cold.")
...goofy sibling games, in all their emerging forms and functions.
...evenings out.

Right now, I'm loving a weekend that seemed to last forever, all the things accomplished in that time, and all the time spent doing absolutely nothing. Not too shabby. Happy Monday.

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