Monday, August 20, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving...

...amazing weather. I mean, c'mon... is it really a 69-degree morning on August 20th? Swoon.
...finding little "letter drawings" everywhere.
...the awe and reverence for our natural world that comes from the activity around the hummingbird feeder lately (including the brief appearance of a very ambitious praying mantis). developing plan for a renovation to the rabbit fence around the garden to keep them wascals out once and for all, and the collected seeds and hopes that will follow. extra giant co-op share this week, and all the outside-the-box recipes and meal plans making their way into our menu for the week!
...seeing our Bubba learn how to use a bowl without turning it over and tossing it to the ground... well, we're getting there, anyway.
...sibling playtime.
...gentle weekend rain, distant thunder that never intruded, and gray morning skies.
...just-before-bath-time ice cream surprise outings.

Right now, I'm loving the epiphany that comes from going through discomfort (or even hardship) and seeing that there's rhythm, rhyme, and reason to everything all around us. Reminding myself to keep my eyes open to the small things that hold true beauty, and wishing all a Happy Monday.

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