Thursday, August 23, 2012

In the Garden

In the garden this summer, things haven't been so great. On top of battling most every pest and problem from the get-go, there are the rabbits. Oh, the rabbits... those furry jerks who first figured out they couldn't visit my garden in the daylight and have seemingly become nocturnal, then who conquered their fears of our dog and cat and rabbit fence, and now who even think- if they hold perfectly still- they will avoid human detection as well... those rabbits who loose their novelty and cuteness a little each day as I watch them, through the kitchen windows, jumping back and forth through the fence at their leisure... they have by far been the biggest problem.

I really, really want to have a second go with our garden space this year and try for an autumn planting/harvest. I have the seeds. I have the weather (at least for the moment). I have the will! Then... I had an idea.


The top three rows of the rabbit fence are 4" square, vs. the bottom half which is spaced at 2", respectively. The rabbits have been taking advantage of the top half of the fence and rocketing their garden-plumped bodies through those wider openings and thus gaining access to my space (my space!). Soooo... what if I take twine and weave it through the top three rows, cutting the squares in half and thus reducing them to a size that would stop them furry foes from jumping through?


So yesterday, with a morning starting at a tantalizing 71 degrees, I gathered a big ol' roll of twine, some scissors, and a little help, and I knocked out that fence weaving in about 2 hours.

As I worked, I snickered to myself, picturing the first entitled rabbit flying full-force at their usual point of entry, only to be 'clotheslined' by my twine.

Then I noticed the cat, busily poking around under the catmint at the front of the garden space.

That's right. A rabbit nest. A rabbit nest with four babies. Inside my garden, inside the fence. Four. Ever thought to yourself, 'I wonder what a slap in the face from a rabbit would be like?' Well, here it is. Slap.

So, once that was taken care of, the fence finished, and the garden cleaned up just a bit more, I declared the project completed, and we retreated to the house to sort seeds and dream up the autumnal planting.

This morning, I started the coffee, opened the back door, and gazed out at my 'fixed' garden. The quiet sound of the wind chime, the smell of fresh coffee brewing, the soft breeze blowing broken pieces of twine hanging from the fence.................. wait. What?! 

Those furry jerks!

They cut a line of twine on the lowest row, then apparently hopped right in like it was just another day. The nerve! I'd like to think it was just a last-ditch effort by a stubborn parent to check on the discovered nest, and now they'll get the message and stay away, but honestly. Honestly.

You know what, though? They're stubborn... but so am I. We will still plant our seeds. We will keep fighting the good fight. We'll figure something out.

Furry jerks.

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