Monday, June 25, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...listening to William Fitzsimmons and Local Natives, two new additions to a favorite playlist who always get the kiddos dancin'.
...eyeing the remaining zucchini cake and wondering if it would count as a healthy breakfast... it does have quite a lot of zucchini in it...
...thinking about emptying the compost barrel, as it is now full to capacity with no where to go. Hmmm.
...excited about the long braid of onions curing in the utility room, next to bunches and bunches of fresh, drying herbs. At least something good is coming out of that darned garden space!
...planning salsa, marinara, and perhaps a little tomato jam with the beauties I've hoarded from our friendly local organic veggie farm... and plotting a return trip again, soon!
...loving the excitement and awe that comes from a special bath in the Big Tub, complete with more than a foot of bubbles (eeeeeeek!).
...hoping for enough to do this week inside to keep us all content and sane as the temps begin their first tryst into the hundreds... ugh.

Aaaand right now, I'm wishing everyone a Happy Monday!

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