Monday, June 11, 2012

Right Now


Right now, I'm...

...reeling from a toddler on steroids (not just turning a phrase, she's actually been taking steroids) for the past five days... and feeling so thankful that her last dose has come and gone.
...marveling at the increasing weight and size of our mighty, solo sunflower.
...cracking up at the 'funny bunny tattoos' incident we had this weekend when Sister chose to put five sheets of stickers on her legs, to cover up the lingering evidence of her encounter with poison oak. That kid!
...enjoying the fruits of Thursday night's food swap... date bars for breakfast with my coffee!
...planning a canning day, and eying the ten pounds of tomatoes and cucumbers we brought home from an amazing little local, organic farm my dad stumbled upon (I see salsa, pickles, and maybe an heirloom relish recipe in my future).
...savoring the time I've been carving out of each day for myself, and the little things I've found to fill that time.
...loving an upcoming week that's wide open, promising to be clear and warm, and just waiting for us to do something great with it.

Happy Monday!

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