Monday, May 21, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I am...

...marveling at how fast this weekend flew by... seriously, it's Monday already? Yowza.
...listening to some Elizabeth Mitchell, mixed with some choice Gillian Welch and Sting.
...waiting for some news that could rock our little world around here (can't wait to share... soon)!
...watching the monitor as both sweet babies sleep in various stages of sprawl and ball.
...enjoying a hot cup of tea en lieu of my usual coffee (this tea pot has me doing crazy things).
...anticipating much chatter from Sister when she wakes about the weekend she had filled with both sets of grandparents, the fun that was had, and the new treasures that came with them.
...thinking about doing some major cleaning out of garden beds today, and maybe planting some flowers to fill in for the rest of this wasted season... maybe (sigh).
...hoping that this 30% chance we have of getting a few storms turns in to a gray and rainy day for us all!
...loving that, after almost four years (four years!), there are now- for the first time ever- ten daisy buds in my daisy patch, and one has finally opened!
...wishing all a great kickoff to the week! Happy Monday.

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