Thursday, May 31, 2012


restitution (noun): and act of restoring or a condition of being restored

What a gift- a rainy morning to kick off the last day of May!

A little thunder, some far-away lightening, and the soft, constant fall of a soaking rain- this is what greeted me when I woke this morning, and it was as refreshing as that first cold front at the end of September.

Everyone slept in a little bit more than usual, and everyone seemed perfectly content to focus on slow, peaceful projects throughout the beginning of our day- coloring, bread making, blocks, dancing to mellow folk music... I couldn't have crafted a better sendoff to that darned transitional month that is May. With it's hotter-than-Hades heat flashes and strangely chilly nights spotted here and there throughout dry, then humid days upon days, it was easy to feel as though we'd all been tricked into skipping the end of our Spring and plunging straight into June! Yet as moody as May was at times, today, all was forgiven, and with this one last rainy morning, we received our restitution. 


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