Monday, May 14, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving...


...every excuse I can find to "put the kettle on" and bring out my new teapot enthusiasm for multiple teatimes, exotic teas, and the snacks that go with them all
...sweet hugs, kisses, and little piles and messes all around, made by Littles who just want to be near
...quiet, cool, early mornings out with hot mug in hand, bare feet, and sun breaking through heavy gray clouds here and there
...quiet, breezy, gray evening walks with my sweet loves so full of wonder
..."sleeping in"
...rain, rain, and more beautiful, intense, uninvited but oh-so-welcome rain
...being the one all family members turn to when something unexpected appears, and being able to turn the startling and scary into something full of wonder and beauty
...sitting back and feeling an ache so deep and beautiful from the gratitude that comes from knowing just how good this life really is
...Mother's Day flowers

Right now, I'm loving feeling loved and doted on (still) from a Mother's Day weekend that has created such a warm glow of gratitude and blessing that, in starting the week, it lingers still. May a sense of all that has been given to make this life possible stay with us all as we start this week, and may it serve to help us savor all that we have. Happy Monday.

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