Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Right Now

Our three-day weekend went by in a blur, and even though we're all at home and you could argue that almost every day feels like a weekend these days, I would also argue that we did our best to make this past weekend feel a just a little different from the same-old same old...

...we finished the waterfall! (The gnomes approve)

...we smoked a brisket.

...we had Easter baskets and a long morning in pj's.
...some of us started said morning even later than others...
...we made the season's first fruit pizza.
...some of us also got extra screen time.

Not pictured are the other projects we worked on that took full advantage of the beautiful weather- we moved the playhouse into the old dog run to start the ball rolling on the new chicken setup, we trimmed a bunch of trees and started our next bonfire pile, we started working out Phase Two of the front yard landscaping, and we even might have ventured over to a friend's house for an outside egg hunt and a little safely-distanced company to mark the Easter holiday.

Now it's chilly, it's Tuesday, and it's back to business as usual- more conference calls, Zoom meetings, and Google Classroom projects- you know, the same-old same-old. It won't be long before there's another weekend upon us and another opportunity to think it through to really make it feel like something different from the other days of us all stacked on top of each other... so here's to a week of work and a weekend of play, however that might shape up to look like for all of us! Happy Tuesday!

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