Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Our Last 9th

Our Henny-Benny's 9th birthday was yesterday, our last 9th ever (*sniff sniff*)- but because of our SIP situation we had no party, no friends over, no outings planned. We stayed put and tried to make the day full of things he loved- pancakes with whipped cream and orange sprinkles, new Lego builds, mac-n-cheese and mint Milanos, a family game of laser tag... and an afternoon of Minecraft and friend messenger fun... or at least that's what we'd planned. BUT our internet went down around 9am and didn't come back until almost dinner time, so the second half of his isolated birthday was spent watching the chicks, hanging out with Mama while I worked on the pond waterfall, haunting Sissy while she helped, and halfheartedly sketching in his sketchbook. Poor guy. But true to his sweet laid-back nature he never made a big deal about it, never really indulged in more than "ooohhh maaaannn!" When the internet finally came back on he was so excited we let him stay up an extra hour to try and make sure his birthday wrapped up on a high note.

And speaking of high, would you look at how much he grew over this last year? He'll be as tall as me (and taller!) in no time.

Happy birthday Henry Warden!

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