Thursday, February 6, 2020

Right Now...

So we're already a week into February, huh? Not sure how that happened...

Anyho, right now, I'm...

...cold! We were blasted with our usual early-February cold front yesterday, and once again had a light and magical dusting of snow. Not enough to close down schools or make driving too hard, but definitely enough to bring another round of hot chocolate by the fireplace last night.

...still smiling at my guy here, who painstakingly took no less than 3 full minutes to humanely capture a spider that his Sissy wanted to squish so he could release it outside and 'save' it (never mind that it was about 25 degrees when he tossed the spider out). He has such a tender heart.

...also still smiling at our pooch's attempts at being irresistible every time we're within eyeshot to provoke just one more belly scratch. Seriously, she'll stay like this- not even blinking- until you either leave the room or love on her a little.

...feeling impressed with the rocket setup Hen built by himself that Daddy then helped to wire so it now has lights... this thing is super cool, and Henry is so proud of it he's even been sketching it on scraps and in notebooks whenever he sits still. It's one of the first substantial Lego projects he's done without his sister's help.

...loving my furry old man and how cuddly (dare I say needy?) he gets when he's chilly. As soon as I wake up, through my morning routine, as soon as I get home, and all the way til I'm in bed at night, he's right there. He'll be 15 this summer and even though it can be pretty annoying at times, I'm trying to be mindful that it won't be forever that I'll have him under foot. And if I'm being honest, he's the best kind of annoying, anyway.

Right now, I'm also very mindful of the fact that this post was a little Henry-heavy and made mention of Audrey only in the context of his stories... and that's because right now we're struggling with a little pre-teen defiance that's manifesting in wanting the opposite of everything perceived to be desirable (read: she won't let anyone take her picture or profess to be enjoying anything right now). We're navigating it as thoughtfully as we can, but it doesn't make for very nice blog photos.

 Right now I'm wrapped in wool, drinking hot bevs like they're going out of style, and pining for a weekend with lots of movies and fires and time in pjs... and as fast as February is already flying by, the weekend will be here before we know it! Happy Thursday, friends!

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