Thursday, February 20, 2020

Garden Chores

This weekend, I am happy to report I cleaned up aaaaaaaaaall the garden weeds and summer plant relics, I got my perennials in the ground, I planted peas and onions and nasturtiums, and I even got Henry out with me for a sec to plant his baby cabbage.

In another week or two, I anticipate planting strawberries, greens, beets, carrots, herbs... oh let's be honest, I'll probably have my whole garden going before the end of spring break. I'll need something out there ASAP in those fresh beds to compete with the weeds I'm sure will grow back over night!

I took three wheelbarrows full of pulled weeds to the compost, I used the string trimmer to cut down all the weeds in the pathways, I trimmed up my Texas sages and forsythia, and with some help from the hubs we trimmed some of those oak tree branches back that were starting to shade out my beds.

After all that work, Suka was exhausted.

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