Thursday, February 13, 2020

Big Garden Plans

Never mind that the skeletons of my summer plants still cling to their trellises and nary a bed has been mulched this whole winter... I'm thinking of spring and all that new green that will be growing out there soon!

No, I'm not talking about the weeds.

I just received my Baker Creek Heirloom Seed order and I can't wait to be back out in my space... first to do a little clean-up, and then to plant all my tiny little hopes and dreams!

This year, along with whatever is still stashed in my seed box from last year (like squash, melons, and radishes), we'll be planting:

1500 Year Old Cave Beans
Beurre De Rocquencourt Yellow Beans
Calima Green Beans
Dragon Tongue Bush Beans
Purple Dove Bush Beans
Bull's Blood Beets
Golden Beets
Chantenay Red Core Carrots
New Kuroda Carrots
Pusa Asita Black Carrots
Buhl Sweet Corn
Dar Cucumbers
Lemon Cuke Cucumbers
Mixed Aurora Orach
Carouby De Maussane Snow Peas
Sugar Snap Peas
Cactus Aztec Zinnias
Envy Zinnias
Scabiosa Zinnias
Parker's Variety Yarrow
Mammoth Grey Striped Sunflowers
Henry Wilde Sunflowers
Tall Trailing Nasturtiums
Colossus Red/Gold Bicolor Marigolds
Sweet Mace aka Mexican Mint Marigolds
Purple Kale
"Gourmet" Mixed Lettuce

Then of course there will be live plants once the nurseries stock up, and added to that list we'll have:

Peppers (sweet & hot)

And to top everything off, Henry brought home a little cabbage seedling from school this week (random, I know), so we'll be giving it a corner somewhere with the hopes that it'll become some excellent sauerkraut!

I refuse to think about how bad the bugs will be this year- this winter being so ridiculously mild- and instead I'm choosing to focus on the tomatoes and pickles and maybe even a second year of sweet corn....................................... I become such an insufferable optimist when spring is in the air!

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